Premium Starter's Kit

PREMIUM LINE | 5 ml / 1/6 fl oz
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Already know one of our Beard Serums but want to try other aromas? Or you don't know them yet and can't decide on which to buy?

We created this Starter's Kit especially for you. It contains a sample of each of the 3 aromas that compose our Premium Line, so that you can introduce us to your beard with no commitments.

Contents: 1x White Gold, 1x True North, 1x Black Rum

The Aromas

White Gold

Welcome to the laid back lifestyle of the Caribbean. White Gold is going to take you through a relaxing but vibrant olfactory experience.

We started with one of the Seven Wonders of Barbados - grapefruit - to give the aroma a citrusy, fresh, and sweet body. Sandalwood complements it with deeper notes of wood, while vanilla contributes to an airy base. Finally, overtones of clove give White Gold its spicy signature scent.

Some may say the White Gold beard oil smells like an orangy tangy cocktail - we say it smells like the spirit of the island on your beard.

True North

While Wild Woods sets the tone for a walk in the woods, True North is a full on expedition for the rugged man. We drew inspiration from the Scandinavian backcountry to create this creamier and woodsier aroma. The backdrop? Snowy mountains outlined against cloudy blue skies, sprinkled with a tall and dense forest.

This blend surrounds you with the intoxicating woody accords of ravensara and marjoram. Cedarwood provides sweetness to the base. Juniperberry seals the blend with the cleanliness and freshness you’d expect at a thousand meters of altitude.

True North is for the rugged man who likes the outdoors as much as he likes being successful.

Black Rum

Black Rum is a distinguished aroma that draws inspiration from the drink. Its distinct spicy accent gives you an eye-opening olfactory experience, teasing and seducing the senses without overpowering them.

The spiciness of the black pepper and clove is tamed by the bitter sweet freshness of the lime, while frankincense provides woody and mildly balsamic undertones to the blend.

This unapologetically masculine aroma - and, we dare say, addictive - has been one of our customers’ favorites since launch, and we believe it will be yours too.


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Premium Starter's Kit
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