Our Vision

The reason why plenty of people though beards were a trend or niche is that up until now there were no quality products in our market. Our beard care products are made from natural ingredients and we want our customers to have a positive experience with their beard.

Besides providing barbudos with the tools to foster their personal style, we want to change the way they're seen by society - a lot of companies still demand their workers to have a neatly shaved beard, and this is just an example.

These changes take a while, but progress is being made. We can't do this alone, and we need you to help us change the beard stigma. Connect with us below, and most important, may the Beard be with you!

Barba Brada - A História

por Bruno Nascimento

Where it all began

I was about 18 years old when I started sporting a beard - around the same time I started having something worthy of that name. Honestly, I can't remember when was the last time I used a razor to shave it - and eventually I found that trimmers aren't the best way to keep it neat either. However, I could never let it grow past a certain point. First, because I simply couldn't keep it tidy and attractive - because there were no tools that allowed me to do so -, and second, for work related motives. Still, it always remained my "brand image".

From a lifestyle to the brand

Bruno, Chief Beard

At the beginning of 2014, I decided I would seriously commit myself and let my beard grow, in a new year's resolution sort of way. And thus, the quest for a better beard had begun. I spoke with more experienced barbudos, saw photos, read blogs, learned what I could about the topic, and finally, searched for products here in Portugal that allowed me to groom my beard. As you can imagine, that search came out empty handed.

After sharing this with Tasha - mine and Barba Brada's other half - our entrepreneur spirits spoke: "if it doesn't exist, we'll make our own!". After months of research, trial, and error, we created a beard oil that worked consistently with me (and trust me, my beard is not easy to tame at all). So I thought "if it works with me, why not with others?". We decided to give our product away to our bearded friends, refine it with their feedback, and in the end, their opinion couldn't have been better. So we bootstrapped Barba Brada in a few days, launched the website, and in a few more days had the first sales.

Tasha, Beardless Marketing Maven

We can say that the need for products like these in the market was one of the catalysts to launch the online store. Not only our objective has been, since the beginning, to supply the best quality products handmade in-house, but also to unite the barbudo community so that together, we can end the beard stigma. We're growing not only because we care and connect with our customers, and because of our great products and service, but also because of you - and a big thank you for that.