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Everything your beard needs in a single box, without additional bullshit:


The first step in beard care: cleaning. We've created a conditioning beard shampoo made with the best natural ingredients - the ideal to "reset" your beard and free it from the day-to-day grit and pollution. In addition to the conditioning effect, your beard gets softer and more hydrated for longer.


Clean beard? Now it's time for nutrition. Our Beard Serum promotes your beard's healthy growth through hydration and nutrient supply. Our formulas are light and the only thing left behind is a sophisticated aroma.


Finally, a touch of our Beard Wax gives your beard a tidy look and a natural finish. The shea butter in our formula provides extra conditioning for your beard, just like a traditional balm. The best of all? With our Beard Wax your beard will have minimum shine and a non-greasy touch, just as it's supposed to.

Mustache Wax

The Mustache Wax is essencial for the more demanding mustache that can't be tamed with the Beard Wax. Although it has a strong hold, our mustache wax gives it a natural finish. The lip balm packaging is ideal to be carried in your pocket and applied throughout the day, as you see fit.


The Kent combs, unlike the traditional plastic combs, are made from a single cellulose acetate piece, which is then hand-sawed and hand-polished, resulting in a comb that slides through your beard like a hot knife through butter. This comb has the ideal size to be carried in your pocket.


Even if ideally you should go to a good barber regularly to upkeep your beard, there are always small touches we can do at home. That's precisely what this pair of scissors is for. Made of Japanese steel, it'll very likely last a lifetime.

Premium Line

The Premium line beard oils provide extra nourishment for your beard with premium ingredients. Our Premium line beard oils were formulated with the max hydration and nourishment for your beard in mind. Even lighter, less greasy, and with a more natural touch than the Essentials line, our Premium line beard oils are more complex and have at least 4 essential oils.

Black Rum

Black Rum is a distinguished aroma that draws inspiration from the drink. Its distinct spicy accent gives you an eye-opening olfactory experience, teasing and seducing the senses without overpowering them.

The spiciness of the black pepper and clove is tamed by the bitter sweet freshness of the lime, while frankincense provides woody and mildly balsamic undertones to the blend.

This unapologetically masculine aroma - and, we dare say, addictive - has been one of our customers’ favorites since launch, and we believe it will be yours too.

True North

While Wild Woods sets the tone for a walk in the woods, True North is a full on expedition for the rugged man. We drew inspiration from the Scandinavian backcountry to create this creamier and woodsier aroma. The backdrop? Snowy mountains outlined against cloudy blue skies, sprinkled with a tall and dense forest.

This blend surrounds you with the intoxicating woody accords of ravensara and marjoram. Cedarwood provides sweetness to the base. Juniperberry seals the blend with the cleanliness and freshness you’d expect at a thousand meters of altitude.

True North is for the rugged man who likes the outdoors as much as he likes being successful.

White Gold

Welcome to the laid back lifestyle of the Caribbean. White Gold is going to take you through a relaxing but vibrant olfactory experience.

We started with one of the Seven Wonders of Barbados - grapefruit - to give the aroma a citrusy, fresh, and sweet body. Sandalwood complements it with deeper notes of wood, while vanilla contributes to an airy base. Finally, overtones of clove give White Gold its spicy signature scent.

Some may say the White Gold beard oil smells like an orangy tangy cocktail - we say it smells like the spirit of the island on your beard.

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Essentials Line

Our Essentials line of beard oils provide hydration based on a rich natural oil mix, at a more affordable price. How did we do it? By using a brown bottle instead of our signature blue bottles, and limiting the aroma to two essential oils. The oils in this line were designed to be lighter and keep your beard hydrated and nourished with a reduced shine and no oily feeling.

Wild Woods

Inspired by nature, Wild Woods is a familiar blend that opens your senses as it flows through your nose. This invigorating scent rounds off the penetrating notes of eucalyptus, with a deep sandalwood base. In a sentence: it’s the woods in a bottle.

The Original

To create The Original, we started with a bright and sweet, barbershop-essential note: peppermint. Then, we brought lime to the mix to introduce a sharp and clean aroma. The final blend - our customer’s Essentials line favorite - is the balanced scent composed of crisp and green notes that you can wear anywhere.


Offshore is the embodiment of the clear-headed sensation of being out at sea, on a summer afternoon. Jasmine undertones give body to this aquatic blend, while spearmint adds a sophisticated fresh and clean scent. The result is a light aroma that is perfect for spring and summer, but can be worn year-round.

Essentials Growth Kit

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What our guys and girls are saying:

As requested, I will be brutally honest in this review.... I love your products. Brutally. This is my first time growing a beard and before purchasing your products, my beard used to get dry prettty often. That problem has been solved with your beard oil. Now I'm proud to not only call myself a bearded gentleman, but also a devoted "Barbudo".

Ricardo L.

The delivery was so fast, even in Christmas week. The package was beautiful too. Besides this I feel manlier than I've ever felt. I'm feeling the urge to go hunting, chopping trees and then joining the army. I'm starting to want to punch walls and scream with such power that I show everyone my chest hair because of my lumberjack shirt bursting, firing the buttons 10km high. And I'm a girl. Lovely product, guys. Awesome product.

Marina C.