The Barba Brada Philosophy

Here at Barba Brada we believe that beards of sizes and colors deserve the same love. That men's care should be uncomplicated and bullshit-free. Simple in their nature, but powerful in the effect.

That's why, in a market that's progressively getting saturated with mass market products filled with synthetic ingredients, we decided to go for the opposite.

We use natural, fresh, and vegan ingredients (always striving for certified organic). We use a single mineral ingredient (microcrystalline wax), and and animal one (bees wax), simply because we have yet to find an alternative that allows us to achieve the same effect (but the search continues).

We prefer to use only the best essential oils extracted from plants and fruits (even if they're more expensive than synthetics), because they result in a experience for your nose and health.

Sustainability is achieved not only through ingredients, but also through production in small quantities: our costs are higher, but there's less waste. Our packaging is minimal - only the essential to make sure our products get safely to your hands. The product inside should shine on its own.

Lastly, we believe in constant growth, not only of our beards, but also of our products and ourselves. That's why we go beyond selling products and promote education. Here you'll always find someone who cares about your beard as much as he cares about his!

May the Growth be with you.