Everything you need to start a daily beard routine

Growing a beard is the easy part for a lot of men but keeping it healthy, tamable and well-cared for is something else entirely. It’s essential to establish a good beard care routine since the moment you decide to grow it to avoid common problems that can appear when the hair starts to grow and to avoid living a complicated barbudo life. Now the most important question: what habits, products and accessories are important to start a daily beard routine?


Do you wash your beard correctly? Forget about hair shampoo and look for one specifically created for the beard. Do you think it doesn’t make a difference and shampoos are all the same? Think about it like this: the skin on our head is tougher than the skin under the beard, this means that when you use hair shampoo for the beard you’re using a method that it’s too aggressive for your face and can lead to problems on the long run. The best solution is to wash the beard with beard shampoo and pay attention to the amounts of washes you’re doing. Usually two or three washes with shampoo are enough for one week. If you surpass this number you can start having dry skin, itchiness, dandruff and even skin inflammations. Additionally, you can also use a beard shampoo brush: the brushes available at our online store are round and easily malleable, they are soft and don’t pull your hairs, they are perfect to spread the shampoo and take out all the dead skin and you even end up getting a really relaxing self-massage. Of course we can’t forget that a well-washed beard is also a beard free of dirt and that smells and looks nice.


If your beard has a life of its own and is extremely difficult to tame you can comb it with a beard comb or moustache comb. This process can be done after washing or/and after you apply the products we are going to talk about on the next few points. It all depends on the way your beard acts during the day and it can also be a very relaxing thing to add to your routine. In case you feel the need to comb your beard throughout the day you can also take a pocked sized comb with you everywhere, our combs are handmade and can be carried easily.


Yes, it’s true. At Barba Brada we talk a lot about hydration of the beard and the important role our oils have on our facial hair routine because we truly believe the impact a good hydration has on the beard. In our case we like to use our serums, weather they are from the Essentials collection or the Premium one, which has improved and more complex essential oils that are beneficial for the beard, they give it a nice aroma and a soft, controlled shine. Would you like to know more about the importance of hydrating the beard? Read our “The importance of moisturizing your beard” post to learn more.

While putting on some beard oil it’s important to take into account two things: the length of the beard and the skin under it. In case your beard is already long and aged, the hairs at end will be the ones that are older and consequently, more damaged. Having this in mind, it’s important to apply more oil on that part. Additionally, beard oil is not just for the beard but mainly for the skin under it. One tip to hydrate your beard correctly is to massage the oil throughout all the the corners of your beard.


This step is not essential for every bearded man but it’s a good addition to your routine and it’s also the final touch to keep your beard in place for long hours without having to worry about it. To mold the beard you can use our beard waxes that have a medium fixation that is also comfortable, they can give your beard an extra conditioning (besides the oil you already used) and will keep your facial hair looking natural and not greasy.

Did you like our tips for a good daily beard routine? Beard routines can change from person to person because all beards are different and demand different types of care. What matters is that you try to find the perfect routine for you and we, at Barba Brada, are always here to help you out with that and other beard issues.