Three Beard Styles for this Summer

When Summer comes we are usually questioned by our inner selves about what to do with our beards and moustaches. For a lot of men Summer is also a time for change, vacations and making your facial hair look more fresh. Sometimes we’re not easily satisfied in keeping the same beard style that we have during the rest of the year and we just want something new, something that can surprise us. However, this is also one of the worst fears a Barbudo has. What if I trim my beard too much? What if I look ridiculous after? What if I commit the worst mistake of the year and I don’t have any other option than to shave everything off?! Hold on! Sometimes change can be difficult but at the same time, it can change your vision completely about your own facial hair. Additionally and if you have the option, you should trim your beard and moustache with the help of a professional barber and you can do it slowly in order not to experience a radical change.

Imperial Beard:

The imperial beard style consists of having a long, voluminous beard that is correctly hydrated and cared for and a full moustache with modulated tips. This is one of those styles where you will probably need to start letting your beard grow way before Summer starts because you need to achieve a certain length. Besides giving your style a classical look it will also bring you respect as a bearded man because it’s not easy to achieve. The beard will always have to be constantly neat and tidy. In order to maintain the points of your moustache pointing to each side we recommend using beard wax to get a better fixation. Additionally and to keep your beard hydrated you can also use our brand of beard oils, specifically created for your facial hair and with various fragrances. If you don’t want to have to provide so much attention to your beard this is probably not the ideal style for you. Move on to the next one!


That’s pretty much it. One of the current beard trends is for men to have just one long moustache that can be molded with wax and combined with a shaved beard. Given the fact that we are beard fans, we admit this is not our favorite look but we still respect it! This style is very specific and doesn’t favour just about any guy but it’s still one of our top recommendations for men who want to have a more audacious and vintage look. Additionally, it also makes you look like a gentleman and can be a statement about your fearless personality.


As the name indicates, our last beard style for this summer featured on today’s post is a combination of a beard and a moustache. In this look the moustache is the central aspect of the facial hair and is usually longer than the beard, which takes on a secondary role. This means that the beard is usually shorter than the moustache. How can you achieve a great beardstache? You can start by trimming your beard with a beard trimmer regularly and cutting the hairs of your moustache with a scissor sometimes, usually when it starts to be annoying and obstructing your mouth.

Did you like our Summer recommendations? These are only three examples of the huge variety of combinations you can achieve when having facial hair. One of our favorite things about beards is their diversity and flexibility. Why change your beard style? You don’t have to! However, in case you’re in need of change and having a fresh start then this is probably what your beard needs and we hope we have helped you on your journey as a barbudo.