Top 3 trimming tools for beard care: When and what to choose

You just started growing your beard but don’t really know what tools to use to trim it? Sometimes the trimming machines we see in supermarkets don’t really offer all the functionalities that we need or they simply don’t give you the best experience. In today’s post, we talk in detail about three trimming machine options for different occasions and different budgets.

Gyllete Proglide styler:

If you’re thinking about travelling and don’t have a lot of space, the Gyllete Proglide Styler is a great option regarding price-value. It’s extremely compact, including the space dedicated to the blade and offers various functionalities: trimmer, razor and edger. Additionally, it comes with three attachment guards that can be changed easily. One disadvantage is the plastic handle since it makes the machine less durable. However, the Gyllete Proglide Styler has a great dynamic and even offers the ability to be used with a wet beard or even during the shower.

Wahl Lithium Ion+

The Wahl Lithium Ion+ trimming machine is one of the best options out there that can be perfect for beginners and for domestic use. Besides being used for beard care it can also be a great tool for trimming the hair. It comes with four different cutting accessories that are perfect to maintain all kinds of beard styles and that focus on details and precision. It also comes with twelve attachment guards for different lengths. It has a modern and sophisticated design and it’s made from durable materials, one example is the blade which is built with stainless steel. The battery can last up to four hours of activity but unfortunately, this machine is not waterproof like the previous one.


Brio Beardscape

The Brio Beardscape machine is similar to the Wahl Lithium Ion+ with a few adjustments and a superior quality of materials. It comes with eight length guards attachments, five speeds and the blade can be adjusted from 1.0 mm to 1.9 mm. The later one is made from ceramic which makes it more resistant, creates less friction and heat and makes it less noisy. Additionally, the handle is made from titanium and the machine can be used with or without a cord, given the fact that the battery lasts up to fours hours if it’s charged for one hour. 


Whether you like trimming your beard yourself or not, it’s always a good idea to have a backup trimming machine for emergencies or small facial hair symmetry retouches. It was with that idea in mind that we looked for the best options out there and decided to share them with our readers. 


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