2020 Trends: The best beard styles for Autumn

Autumn is pretty much here and this means the end of hot days and a drastic change in our outfits. Shorts are going to be replaced by pants and t-shirts by sweaters but what about facial hair? Sometimes it becomes boring to have the same beard style over and over, every single day. Consequently, you can use this list as a source of inspiration for the new season and for a new YOU!

Full beard

Barba Brada Barbudo

A barba cheia é um ritual de passagem para todos os barbudos e recomendamos que a experienciem pelo menos uma vez na vida. Além de poder mudar completamente um homem visualmente também pode transmitir mais confiança e maturidade. No entanto, para manter uma barba cheia é necessário algum nível de manutenção regular. Devido ao seu comprimento, pode ficar mais seca e estragada e necessitar de ser hidratada ou aparada com continuidade. Consequentemente, uma boa tesoura de corte e um óleo para a barba de qualidade são imprescindíveis. 


A short beard
Barba Brada Barbudo

Short beards can go from a three-day very relaxed beard to three centimeters in length. They’re ideal for every man who is not prepared to commit to something bigger but also doesn’t want to have a clean face and shave every day. Additionally, you can also opt for an informal look where you’ll rarely need to trim or even shave the sides. The decision is yours!

Quick tip: use 1-2 drops of beard oil daily to avoid itchiness and dandruff. It will save you a lot of headaches!

Faded beard

Three day beard Barba Brada

Faded hair has been a huge trend for years now, something for barbers to be proud of and a way for them to show their professional skills. The same is similar with faded beards which have been a huge trend this year. If you’re looking for a low maintenance style, then skip this point. The faded beard requires a daily beard routine and weekly professional trimming. It’s a beard style for dedicated and artistic barbudo.


Natural Beard

Ginger Beard in front of the house

Do you prefer a natural beard? Hairs in random places and patches don’t really bother you and you even like the savage look your natural beard gives you? Then the natural beard is certainly for you! Whether it’s short or long, having a natural beard doesn’t make you any less barbudo than other men.

Quick tip: Having a natural beard doesn’t mean not using beard products anymore. Oils and beard shampoos help keep your facial hair healthy and attractive.

Entering a new season is always a great opportunity for a change on an intellectual and physical level. Enjoy Autumn to think about your mentality, your looks and the way you present yourself to others!

Curiosity: Do you know that Barba Brada has been featured as one of the Top 20 Beard Websites of 2020 by Feedspot? You can find their entire list here.

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