How to soften the beard: The best tricks, products and accessories

We’re here to guide and help you eliminate dry and harsh beards either because of all the complaints from your girlfriend or just because it’s something uncomfortable for you. It’s normal for beards not to be soft and this doesn’t mean you have a problem at all but there are certain ways to change this reality and make it more pleasant and less scratchy.

Washing and Hydration

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Did you know how important it is to hydrate your beard? Besides preventing problems like irritated skin, dandruff and itchiness, a good hydration reduces a lot of discomfort. It’s not just the beard that gets dehydrated but also the skin under it, where the majority of the problems appear. Consequently, it’s essential to drink a lot of liquids and wash the beard with a specific beard shampoo in order to take away all the dirt. After that process, using a comb is a good option to remove all the knots and loose hairs. Beards that are hydrated will not feel as harsh or dry and will look healthier and sometimes even have a natural shine.

Oil, oil, oil

Barba Brada Offshore Beard Oil

You’ve probably already heard about beard oils in the various beard communities around the world, but do you know what it is used for? Beard oils should be applied daily with a few drops after washing your face or having a shower (the quantity depends on the length of your facial hair) and can affect not only your beard, but also the skin under it. It hydrates and softens the beard and will also reduce the knots and all the hairs going in every direction that make your face look untamable and messy. It’s the product we recommend the most and that we consider indispensable to a bearded man that wants to have some control over his facial hair.


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As a last tip, straightening the beard with a dryer and the help of a comb allows you to mold and make your facial hair look and feel thinner. It’s a good option that we recommend only to men with strong beards because the extreme heat can damage and dehydrate the facial hair if used in excess. Straightening must be done in the direction where you want your hairs to be and if your beard is too thin, we recommend not using a comb because it will make your facial hair weaker and more frail.

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