Beard Hair loss? Check out why and how to solve it

Are you worried about your beard and you think that the hair loss you suffer daily is not normal? You may be right! Sometimes our own actions end up having a negative impact on our facial hair. In today’s post we talk about the most common causes for beard hair loss and what to avoid doing in order not to experience this problem.

The Beard Final Length

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One of the most common reasons for beard hair loss is just because the hairs have reached their final length and end up falling on their own. This process is completely normal and is a natural part of the phases of beard growth. However, it’s important to learn that this hair loss shouldn’t be more than 15-30 hairs per day, which is the normal quantity for a healthy beard.

Excessive touching

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If you’re shedding too much, this may also be a result of excessive touching either by stroking the beard, pulling hairs out or even scrubbing too aggressively while washing. All contact, no matter how small, can have a negative impact on how your facial hair looks if done in excess. We know it’s a difficult thing to control, but the important thing in this case is to try to reduce all the beard touching on a daily basis.

Beard drying

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Secar a barba pode tornar-se um processo prejudicial à saúde do teu Drying the beard with a hair dryer can burn the hairs on the beard, which will eventually lead to more shedding. Consequently, the temperature must never be at its maximum and the distance between the beard and the hair dryer should be more than twenty centimeters. We recommend not drying the beard with a hair dryer and instead doing it the natural way and removing the excess water by softly tapping a towel into your facial hair.

Beard products in excess

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Oils, shampoos and waxes can be your best friend and help solve many problems but it’s also necessary to be careful and not overuse them. Excess oil can give your beard a greasy look and too much shampoo ends up drying your face and removes all the essential oils. Consequently, it’s important to use the right amount of both these products. For a medium sized beard you should use 3-5 drops of oil and for a longer beard 7-10 should be enough. If your beard is just a few days old you should apply 1-2 drops to avoid a greasy look. On the other hand, beard shampoo should be applied 3-4 times per week and never used daily because it will dry your skin and can cause irritation and dandruff.

If you’re suffering too much hair loss, that is a way for your beard to warn you that you’re not taking care of it or of your health properly. However, if you’re shedding just the normal amount of hairs per day, don’t worry! The average man has around 30000 follicles which is more than enough to keep your beard looking nice and full.

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