Top 8 mistakes that can damage your beard

Do you have high expectations with your beard but for some reason they are not being achieved? It’s too common for us to see some Barbudos committing innocent but damaging mistakes while taking care of their beards. These errors delay the growth of facial hair and can also prevent your beard from being healthy and looking its best. Today we bring you a guide that will never let you commit the same mistakes again and will keep you beard looking good.

Using regular shampoo/conditioner on your beard

Besides being one of those errors that will give you a lot of headaches in case you do this mistake for a long time it’s also important to point out that hair shampoos are created differently than beard shampoos. The skin under your facial hair is more fragile than the one under your hair, this means that you may experience dry skin that in itself will lead to other problems like itchiness and dandruff.

Not washing your beard regularly or washing it excessively

This is one of those points where it depends a lot on each man but in general, washing your beard daily with beard shampoo may be too aggressive for your skin and can deprive you of essential oils, therefore, it can also make your beard dryer. However, washing your beard only once a week can make dandruff and dirt accumulate on your face and cause some unpleasant looking snow to fall from your beard everytime you touch it.

Touching your beard excessively

This is one of those mistakes that most bearded men are guilty of doing regularly. Yes, it’s hard not to touch beards excessively especially when we make that a habit and we don’t even notice that we are doing it anymore. However, the sooner you try to control it the sooner your beard will get healthier. Besides looking less oily and dirty from all the touching, it will also keep its form for a longer period of time.

Not using beard products or using them incorrectly

Have you already tried the various Barba Brada products available? From shampoos to oils to waxes. All our products are specific for facial hair and have an important role in your beard routine. Each one is made to achieve a specific goal and while being used correctly, these products can avoid many problems like dandruff and itchiness. Other interesting articles you can check about these topics are: “How to apply beard oil + common mistakes” and “The importance of hydrating your beard”.

Comparing facial hair

Forget other beards! Don’t be disappointed if your beard doesn’t grow as fast as the one your friend has or if they look completely different. Facial hair doesn’t look the same on every man which makes every single beard unique. Not having enough patience to give your beard proper care or not waiting for that awkward “first few weeks” phase is one of the most common errors a Barbudo can commit and it can also lead many men to shave their beard for good.

Blow Dry your beard

Have you ever heard that blow drying your hair is one of the main ways to damage it? With beards it’s basically the same thing. Think about it, if you dry your hair everyday, your facial hair is constantly being bombarded with an intense heat wave that will eventually leave your hair and skin looking and feeling dryer. In case you also use a brush while blow drying your hair it will also be stretched out and therefore, your beard won’t assume its most natural form. You’ll notice the hair will be thinner and less healthy at the ends.

Not trimming your beard

Are you afraid of scissors because you want a long, healthy beard? Trimming your facial hair once in a while doesn’t mean that you’ll be stopping your beard from growing. Sometimes hair needs a trim to get rid of split and dry ends that can delay its growth. Additionally, trimming your beard once in a while will also make it look healthier and stronger.

Unhealthy food and unbalanced habits

Not drinking enough water, eating unhealthy food and maintaining bad habits like smoking or consuming alcohol excessively can delay your beard growth as well as changing how hair looks. Just like when we don’t feel at our best when we don’t exercise or eat too much fast food, your beard will also not look at it’s best when your habits are being harmful to it.

We hope this list helps you on your Barbudo journey and can be the base for a future, healthier and mistake-free beard routine.