Essentials to Pack for Every Bearded Traveler: What not to leave at home

Taking care of your beard during a trip can be a headache - from the packing to the actual trip, it has its share of hassle. First of all, we have to go through the process of elimination while packing. We want to pack as light as we can but without missing anything ( and there are airport restrictions to consider too). Let’s strip things down to the essentials. What are these essentials? What do we really need for bearded travelling? Here, we give you a list!

Beard Shampoo

Champô da barba

If you haven't made a habit of using your own beard shampoo yet, don't make this mistake on this vacation. Sure, the hotel you’ve booked provides free toiletries. But using ANY shampoo, regardless of it being free, is a no-no. Don’t let the health of your beard suffer for the sake of convenience. Pack your beard shampoo! Plus, if you’re going diving, hiking, or anywhere for that matter, you’d definitely want to wash off all that dirt from your beard without ruining it.


Just because you’re going to take a short vacation, that doesn’t mean you should just leave your deodorant at home. Having a deodorant with you is a bare minimum to packing, and it makes all the difference between enjoying your vacation being care-free and being self-conscious for most of it. A good tip for men who sweat a lot, roll-on deodorants have a lasting effect and are more environmentally friendly compared to spray-ons.

Beard Comb

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Having a comb with you is another bare minimum. But having a wild beard look isn’t that bad when you’re out in nature. In case you’re not comfortable with that, be sure to bring your beard comb too. There are beard and moustache combs out there that serve this purpose, while also saving space in your bag.


Beard Oil and Beard Wax

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Among the most important products to have for beard care are beard oil and beard wax - especially when it comes to keeping your beard healthy and hydrated. Where you’re going could be cold and dry, or hot and humid. Wherever you might be going, don’t forget to pack these essentials with you.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste 

Escova e pasta de dentes


Another no-brainer to pack. Having bad breath is one of the most unpleasant experiences, both for yourself and for the people you’re travelling with. If your problem is getting it to fit in your kit, we suggest you get a portable version at your nearest pharmacy or supermarket. Never leave without it!


Protetor solar

Even if you never planned to do some sunbathing during your vacation, any activity done under the sun is reason enough to put on some sunscreen. Travel-sized sunscreens are very common, you have no excuse not to pack one!


A Pair Of Scissors and/or A Blade

Lâmina e/ou tesoura

In case you didn't have time to trim your beard before going on your trip, you can take a razor and/or scissors in your kit so you could be prepared, even on the go. This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with the discomfort of an asymmetric beard while on your vacation.


A Barba Brada Tip

Dica Barba Brada

Though more and more brands are making a travel-sized version for their products, some of the ones you use might not have that travel-friendly option yet. If that’s the case, you can opt to buy a miniature packing kit made specifically designed to solve this problem.