Things to avoid when buying beard products

The beard products that we use for beard care must be chosen carefully. One of the main questions we must ask ourselves is what are the ingredients contained in some of these items and if they can harm our beard in any way. Today we bring you a list of the main ingredients that you must avoid and that can affect the look and health of your beard.


Many beard care products use silicone as an ingredient because it makes the beard look and feel like silk. However, this is just an illusion given the fact that silicone only coats the hair instead of hydrating it and removing the product can become quite tricky. What ends up happening is that bearded man that use silicone-based products keep having a dry beard and skin and feel the need to use them again and again to achieve that silk effect. Additionally, washing the silicone away can lead to a more aggressive wash and cause more hair to fall and become more frail.


Nowadays with coronavirus we use more and more alcohol do disinfect our hands. Consequently, you might have notice that the skin becomes dryer and sometimes even irritated. With the beard it’s the same thing. Alcohol is frequently used in beard care products as a way to clean and disinfect the beard more thoroughly. These products end up leading to the appearance of problems such as dry skin, itchiness and dandruff and they also remove the skin and beard’s essential oils.

Mineral oils

Mineral oils? Sounds natural… right? The heavy properties of mineral oils share similarities with the ones contained in petroleum which leads to an excessive hydration of the beard and makes it look too greasy. Furthermore, it also makes your facial hair loose some volume. One the worst cases, certain mineral oils can delay the production of cells, which means that your beard will grow slower.


Parabens are used to preserve and increase the life spawn of a certain product. In a beard oil, parabens have the capacity to avoid that the product gets spoiled easily. Although there’s not enough proof to end the usage of parabens in various food and cosmetic products, many concerns have surfaced about this ingredient for some years now. Parabens have been associated with skin sensitivity problems, breast cancer and masculine infertility. Because of these and other reasons we chose to not use it in the Barba Brada products. However, our beard oils, shampoos and waxes continue to have a long lifespan of various months without being necessary to use parabens.

SLS or Sodium Lauril Sulphate

SLS is a soap substitute used because of its capacity as a detergent and low price. The use of facial hair products that contain SLS removes the natural protection of the hairs and can lead to serious problems like itchiness, irritation and even hair loss.

Products that are tested on animals

Do you like products that are natural even while being produced and tested? This is also something that is a part of the Barba Brada’s philosophy. All our products are only tested on bearded men and created with natural ingredients that give us the possibility of not having to test the products on innocent animals.

Non-Sustainable package

Given the fact that beard products are something that men buy repeatedly throughout their lives, it’s important to also think about sustainability and the impact that they have on the environment. Choosing materials that can be recycled many times like bottles of glass instead of plastic recipients is one of the options. Additionally, choosing beard care companies that use a minimum amount of packaging on deliveries is also a good alternative.

We hope this list helps you choose your future beard care products more wisely and show you a different perspective about the ingredients that are harmful to the health and care of your beard.