What you should know before growing a beard

Some will love and some will hate

Yes, there will be a lot of people that will be very vocal about your beard. Some comments are positive and will make you feel good with yourself but others not so much. You can expect questions like “why are you letting your beard grow?” and “when will you shave your beard?” given the fact that people are not used to bearded men (especially if you have a long beard!) and still have some stigma around that topic. One thing is certain, the only thing that can change mentalities is contradicting the norms.

Hair growth

All men are different and facial hair grows differently in all of them. While some may grow hair first on the neck and then on the moustache area, others will grow it on the chin first and later on top of the upper lip. It all depends on age and individual tendency. Don’t let this discourage you because if you can’t grow a beard fast now it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do it in a few years.


Yes, it’s true. Having a beard is sometimes one thing that can lead you to madness especially if you have to deal with itchiness. Nevertheless, this is also one of the easiest problems to solve if you use the right products. Beard shampoos, serums and wax are all waiting to make your Barbudo experience a complete blast.

Untamed hairs

From a certain length it’s normal that some beard hair will get out of control and start to point in all kinds of directions. This can give you a wild look, which isn’t bad if that is the result that you want, but if you like to tame your facial hair, then this problem can also be solved with shampoos, oils and waxes that hydrate and soften the hair.

A million choices

Really long beards are the prime motive for many men to start a barbudo life but don’t feel like this is your only option. Besides being impossible for some men to achieve that look, there’s also a million choices out there waiting for you to choose. Short or long, it doesn’t matter as long as you like the result.The choices and the inspiration around you are plenty and you have a whole life to try everything.

Live in the moment

Facial hair can grow around 0.38 millimeters per day but this is only an average measure and it’s not the rule for all men. Don’t dismay if your friend has an abundant beard and yours still barely covers your face. In a few months both of you will look different but your beard may not look like you want it anyway and this can take time. What we recommend is to live in the moment, ROCK THAT BEARD independently of the size and don’t wait for it to look perfect.

You will have bad beard days

Just like sometimes we have bad days your beard will also have them. It’s not worth to get discouraged, panic, shave all the beard and then feel like you just made a huge mistake. Be patient, it’s normal for your beard to not always be on point and some days look more flat or untamable.

Avoid trimming your moustache

Moustache hair usually grows slower and is normally thinner than the rest. Given that fact, we recommend that you don’t trim your moustache on the first few months of growing your beard unless the hairs are in the way of your mouth or starting to feel really uncomfortable. This way you avoid making the mistake of having different hair sizes on your beard and moustache.

Trim your beard carefully

If you prefer to trim your beard at home instead of going to the barber you should take the time to do it right the first time, because you only have one chance. If you make a mistake, the only option is to hide it or let the hair grow and that can take some time. Trimming the beard while you’re in a rush can result in uneven facial hair, rifts or just an impulsive beard style. In that case, patience and precision are key aspects for a Barbudo to have.