What You Should Know Before Growing a Beard

So, you’re considering growing your beard. You might have some thoughts you can’t shake. Well, we’re here to tell you what you should know before growing a beard that others haven't told you about yet. But ultimately, this is to help you make an informed decision for yourself.

Some will love it, some will hate it

On some days, you’ll get showered by compliments. On other days, probably not. Some people might go as far as ask questions like “why are you letting your beard grow?” and “when are you going to shave your beard?”. It’s no secret that society has negative perceptions on beard, and that’s probably the thing that’s holding you back. One effective way to help change these negative ideas is by contradicting the norms: grow an awesome beard.

Different folks, different growths

In a day, facial hair can grow around 0.38 millimeters on average. Some men grow about this much, some more. It’s important to remember that every Barbudo has a different hair growth pattern. Most importantly, it varies across different age groups.There are men who may grow hair first on the neck, there are also those who grow hair first on their chin. You could be struggling to grow a full beard now, but that shouldn’t discourage you. In fact, the older you get the better your beard is going to get.


This is the least likeable part of growing a beard. This part can drive any man crazy. Nevertheless, this is also one of the easiest problems to solve, believe it or not. With the help of beard shampoos, serums, and wax, you can have the Barbudo experience you deserve.

Beards going wild

While growing your beard, have some rebellious hairs here and there. This may give you a wild look, which isn’t all that bad if this is the look you’re after. But in case it’s not, you can always tame your hair using the right products to hydrate and soften these untamed hairs. Conditioning your hair while it's growing helps it become more manageable and easier to style as well.

Trim regularly and at the right places

Trimming can be tricky. But after reading our guide, you’ll have an idea on how to proceed. But if you lack the confidence to do it yourself, you can always go to the barbershop and have a professional do it for you. As for the moustache you might wanna keep ‘em the way they are. Moustaches are slow to grow, so it’s best to leave them be.

Beards get bad hair days too

And that’s okay. That’s normal. Some days it might look flat or untamable, but it’s not worth panicking or getting discouraged over. It’s most definitely not a legitimate reason to just shave off ALL of your beard (not to mention all your hard work, effort, and time)! Take it easy, be patient. On most days, with that awesome beard, you’re winning anyway.

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