Social Isolation: Why you should grow a beard during this time

Most of us are self-isolating right now because the great majority is either working from home or on layoff. With this extra time on our hands, this is the ideal time to grow a beard. Do you know what are the main benefits and self-care you should have?

Why grow a beard now?

Most men have already felt insecure when thinking about growing their facial hair, probably afraid of the result. This is a risk we had to take when most jobs were done out of the house, unlike nowadays. One of the benefits from social isolation is that it gives you the opportunity to grow a beard without having your colleagues or friends judging you step by step. This way, you end up being more patient and having more time to grow it without unnecessary eyes judging you.

It’s time to get to know yourself!

Bearded guy

Have you ever wanted to try that crazy beard style? This is the perfect time for trying to understand what types of facial hair styles and cuts fits you best. From short modern designed beards to long imperial ones that turn heads when you walk, you decide!

Declare war to razor tools!

Man shaving in front of a mirror

Don’t lose time shaving every day when you can naturally grow a beard. This is the twentieth first century and it’s more than time to put apart all discriminations against guys with beards and pay attention to the benefits of growing facial hair. You won’t have to deal with irritated skin from shaving or those really annoying accidental razor cuts. Being a Barbudo is a new experience!

Beard care during isolation:

Barba Brada Beard Oil

We can’t ignore the fact that social isolation has been a very complicated phase for most men and families. One of the most important things to do to maintain a healthy mental and physical health is to eat a balanced diet and to practice sports. Regarding facial hair, we think it’s also essential to use beard shampoos, to clean your beard thoroughly, and beard oils, to keep your skin hydrated and a strong facial hair.

Once the social isolation ends, you’ll have the possibility of showing yourself more confident in your own skin as a barbudo and impress others positively because you gave yourself the necessary time to know and learn what type of beard and length you like best. In case beard life is not for you, at least you will know that you had the opportunity of trying it and learning more about it.

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