Beard Inspiration: The beard styles that are trending in 2020

How long has it been since you changed your beard style? Do you feel uninspired to try new things? In today’s post we discuss in detail four beard styles that have been trending in 2020 and that can also give you a chance to change your appearance a little bit. In case you don’t like the result, beards are constantly growing right?

Viking Beard

Has there ever been a man who hasn’t dreamt about letting his beard grow without having to worry? Viking Beards give you a certain freedom that other styles don’t because you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance. Additionally, this messy, carefree style can give you a wild look. You don’t need to trim it weekly, biweekly or worry about the shape. The Viking beard style is perfect for men that want a rebel, daring look.

Long Goatee

The Goatee style is all about shaving the sides of your face while all the hair is focused on the chin. A long Goatee is defined by a beard longer than the moustache and needs daily care to maintain the right proportions. This beard style can make you look older and wiser than normal which is perfect for men that want to achieve that effect.

Van Dyke

You’ve probably heard about the Van Dyke beard style because beards like these can turn all the heads in a room. The long, full moustache and the pointy beard needs specific care in order to maintain the elegant, sophisticated look. This is not only a bold style but can also make its user look creative. We recommend using (besides the essential shampoos and oils) a beard and moustache wax in order to fixate the look in place throughout the whole day without having to worry about it.

Three Day Beard

At last, the three day beard is a style that every barbudo and non-barbudo has had at some point in his life. Unlike the Van Dyke and the Long Goatee style, the three day beard doesn’t require much care. It doesn’t last long because it looks best on the first days of beard growing and for some men this is a time of itchiness and discomfort because the hairs are growing and end up irritating the skin if you don’t use a specific beard oil. On the other hand, the Three Day Beard is many times considered very attractive by the female public and can give you a fresh, easy-going look.

Beards never stop growing and the options are endless so the best way to find the perfect beard style for you is to experiment and keep looking.

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