Your beard during Summer: Benefits and Care

Having a beard during the Summer? For a lot of men this is an easy topic to put aside because they think that there’s no space for beards with all the heat and they make the decision of shaving. But is this step really necessary and do men feel more heat if they have facial hair? On today’s blog we tell you all about some sketchy myths about the season and give you some tips do keep your beard looking good during the Summer.

Beards help keep your face fresh and protect it

Really! The beard acts as a shield to your face and can block up to 95% of UV rays depending on the thickness of your facial hair. Of course this doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen, especially on the hottest hours. Additionally, beards act as a natural shade and keep you fresh. However, it’s normal to sweat more during the Summer and it’s not the fact of having a beard that will protect you 100% from the heat.

Beards grow faster

Because of one simple reason: during the Summer men produce more testosterone than in the Winter because of the increase in activity. The weather is nice and of course we will go out more often and practice more exercise. This increase in physical movements will naturally produce more testosterone, which makes the beard grow faster. If your goal is to have long facial hair then Summer will certainly help you out!

Wash the beard

Why? Because during the Summer we sweat more, we’re constantly swimming outside and because of the nice weather we also go out more and make our beard susceptible to more dirt and dust from the air. Consequently, it’s essential to wash the beard more carefully: use a specific beard shampoo (we have various fragrances on the website that you can try) and a brush that will help you during the wash and also exfoliate the skin. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wash your beard more or even everyday. That would be a mistake because it would eventually dry your beard and skin and cause problems like dandruff and itchiness. However, in case you really need to wash your beard more often, don’t forget to correctly hydrate it with beard oil. Besides being a mandatory step in a bearded guy routine it will also make your beard and skin more healthy and attractive.

Drink more water

Hydrating the beard is not enough to keep it healthy. You also need to keep your body hydrated and drink more water than usual. Summer is the hottest season, where you’ll definitely sweat more and need a substitution for all the liquids that are coming out of your body. This is one of our top recommendations: to drink more water. It will help your beard, body and mind and you won’t regret it!

Long beards help!

The neck has veins and arteries that are responsible for regulating the body temperature. In case you have a long beard it will act as a shade for this part of the body and prevent the exterior heat from hitting it and increasing your body temperature.

Natural air conditioner

One tip that can save you from those really unbearable hot days is to keep a spray bottle with water always with you to spray it on your beard from time to time. The result is a micro and natural air conditioner that will give you a fresh sensation every time the wind hits it.

Having and maintaining a beard during the Summer is not for everybody but there are various benefits to keep your look as a Barbudo. The most important thing is to do what makes you feel better and not be afraid to drift away from what others are doing.