How to solve problems such as pimples, pulling hairs out and loose ends on your beard

Having a beard is not always a bed of roses and certain problems can appear in the worst of times depending on how healthy your facial hair is. In today’s Growth Journal post we will talk about some examples of uncomfortable beard problems and also refer possible solutions for these issues.

Beard pimples:

This is a very common problem especially if you’re young and have a beard. As if it wasn’t enough to deal with pimples through the whole body during our teenage years these pimples can also appear when we’re full grown adults and are caused by pores blocked with dirt, sweat or even an excess of beard products. Additionally, pimples end up increasing the amount of grease on our skin and each time we scratch them we will spread the grease throughout the beard. Then, what is the solution? It’s essential to keep a clean beard and skin in order to remove the excess grease and dirt. As we have explained in others Growth Journal posts, the beard must be washed carefully with a specific beard shampoo. We also recommend exfoliating it with a shampoo brush or if you don’t have one it’s always a nice alternative to use your own fingers and massage carefully.

In case your pimple problem is not slowing down with our tips we recommend you visit a dermatologist who will be able to evaluate you as an individual and take into account your own specific characteristics.

Pulling hairs out:

This is one of those problems that are a direct consequence of stress and anxiety. If you have a job that makes you constantly anxious and causes you to pull out beard hairs, you might be slowly destroying your facial hair. This nervous habit can create a patchy beard and if done regularly, it can completely change your beard’s aesthetic. If you find yourself in a similar situation to this one we recommend contacting a professional barber that will be able to advise you and recommend the best beard style that works with the beard you still have left. However, the ideal solution is to fight against this bad habit and to find ways to relax and reduce the most stressing moments of your daily routine.

Split ends:

Split ends are usually associated with damaged hair but they can also appear on the beard where hairs end up splitting and losing their strength and original look. The causes may be associated with the use of hair dryers, straighteners, an unhealthy beard routine and other destructive habits. One inevitable solution for this problem is to trim the split ends. In case you don’t do it while the problem is still small you might be letting your facial hair become more dry and damaged. However, if the split ends are still small you can focus on hydrating your beard regularly with oils and by drinking a lot of water.