How to choose the right beard style for your face shape

One of the most common aspects of being a new barbudo is not knowing where to start: what style of beard to choose, the ideal length and what kind of beard accentuates your face and makes it more attractive. Sounds like too much? This process is what pushes away a lot of men to not grow a beard because it sounds too complicated. Do you know what is your face shape? In today’s blog we’re going to talk about this topic in detail and explain in some simple and easy steps how you can find your ideal beard style.

Face shape

The structure of the face has a lot of influence in the type of aspects we want to accentuate, meaning, depending on the type of proportions we have, we can play with the beard styles that will show only the parts of our face that we like most. Do you have a weak jaw or a juvenile face? These and other aspects can the solved if you choose the ideal beard style for your face shape.


A round face brings a lot of attention to the cheeks and is usually characterized by a small forehead and a less defined chin and jaw. It can also make men look younger. In this case, we recommend a long beard that will elongate the face and make you look more mature. You must keep trimming the beard on the sides in order not to have too much volume and look too round again. As a last touch and while using a razor you can establish a well defined line on the cheek that will distinguish itself from the other round forms.


The oval face is marked by the elongation of all face features, a long forehead and a round chin. To give the illusion of a well-defined jaw and to avoid making the face even longer, we recommend every barbudo with this structure to grow a small/medium sized beard that is fuller on the cheeks.


A triangular face has a wide hairline, defined by clean lines while the chin is more pointed and accompanied by a large jaw. In this case it’s important to give the face square lines in order to give it some balance. You can also opt for a vintage look and grow some bold sideburns that will make the attention go to your chin.


In a square face the measures are all very similar and the jaw is strong and well-defined. This is one of the most popular and wanted face structures if the idea is to bring attention to the chin and jaw. If this is the case, we recommend short beards that will bring attention to this part of the face and will make you look more mature and masculine.

If you prefer a different beard style independently of your face shape don’t be afraid to try it. The tips we talk about above are based on models but they are not universal rules that every bearded man must follow. Above all you should always feel comfortable with your own facial hair.