How to Apply Beard Oil

Be it long or short, maintenance is a key factor in keeping any beard looking good and healthy. A must-have in every Barbudo’s beard care routine is beard oil (which we have a variation of by the way, be sure to check ‘em out!).

Knowing how much beard oil you need

A good tip to know how much beard oil you're going to need is by looking at your beard’s length. For a tip, it pretty much sounds like a no-brainer. The rule-of-thumb ‘a little goes a long way’ applies here, so it pays to know how much you're really going to need. An average beard needs no more than 10 drops a day. Given that, a 30 ml bottle can last you up to 2 months!

To better guide you, here is table showing each beard length’s recommended amount of oil:

No beard - 1 month

3 - 4 drops

1 month - 4 months

4 - 8 drops

4 - 12 months

8 - 12 drops

12 + months

12 or more drops

Dispensing the product

Typically, beard oil comes in bottles ranging from 5 to 50 ml worth of product. Each  brand uses different caps or dropper systems. Barba Brada bottles on the other hand comprise an internal flow reducer. This helps distribute the product easily and helps protect the product’s properties from external elements.

For our beard oils, you wouldn’t need to shake the bottle just to dispense some product. All you have to do is turn the bottle upside down on your palm, wait for a second until the product comes out in drops. Don’t forget to close the lid after use to prevent contamination.

Applying the beard oil

Now, with our fantastic oil on the palm of your hand, spread evenly on your fingers so you can comb it through your beard, making the distribution as equal as possible (for 12+ month beards, spreading it evenly on your hand is ideal). Apply and massage the oil from your skin down to the tips of your beard. Don’t forget your moustache!

It’s recommended to apply the oil after a hot shower while your pores are still open and  your beard at its cleanest. Under these conditions, the oil is better absorbed and distributed.

In case you still have some oil residue on your hands, you can apply it on your elbows, face, or hair. Fun fact: our beard oils are made from natural ingredients, making them healthy for the skin too!

If your beard is on the longer side of the scale, don’t forget to comb! 

How frequently you should apply

This part is up to you. Some men apply it once a day (in the morning), and some twice (in the morning and at night). It’s important to pay attention to your skin’s and beard’s condition to know what really works for you.

You may notice that the scent of your beard oil fades throughout the day. Unlike synthetic beard oils, the fragrance of beard oils that use natural essential oils don’t last long. 

You should take into account that once our noses are familiar with a scent, we adapt to it making it less obvious to us. You can always have the option of reapplying anytime you feel the need to. Either way it’s your beard, your rules.

And as always, May the Beard be with you!


To watch our video on how to apply beard oil, click here. Apply the required amount of beard oil on your wet beard. Comb, then conquer the world.

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