How to apply beard oil + common mistakes

A lot of bearded guys are new to the universe of beard products and sometimes this means that they can commit mistakes while applying some of them. Today we will explain in detail how to apply a beard oil, common mistakes and some special tips from the Barba Brada team.

First of all: why do you need beard oil? While washing the beard we’re not only cleaning it but depriving it of some essential oils. The main purpose of a beard serum is to substitute these oils and hydrate the skin underneath the beard.

Apply it on a wet beard

Daily and after a morning/night shower is the best time to apply a beard oil. Besides being easier this way, a wet beard facilitates the process and let’s you to reach every corner of your beard.

Don’t be lazy!

One of the most common mistakes is to waste beard serum when applying it to a dirty beard. While washing you can use specific beard shampoos that will carefully clean and leave your facial hair smelling nice.

How much?

For a medium sized beard you should use 3-5 drops of oil and for a longer beard 7-10 should be enough. If your beard is just a few days old you should apply 1-2 drops to avoid a greasy look. The extraction of the drops should be done by positioning the bottle upside down and waiting for them to come out one by one. After that you should let them slide to the tips of your fingers and with soft, upward movements massage them throughout all your beard. Tip: Massage your skin softly to relax the face and muscles. Remember that with a well cared skin the beard will also grow healthier.

Each beard is different

A certain quantity of oil may be the ideal for your bearded friend but not for you. Although the average drop measures that we just talked about can work for some people they may not be ideal for others. Tip: Try it out! Each beard is different. When your beard achieves the right amount of shine without looking greasy and your skin looks healthy and dandruff-free it’s because you found the right quantity.

And the moustache?

The moustache grows slower and thinner than the rest of the beard but it also needs oils. Another tip: given the fact that the moustache is positioned just under the nose you should choose your beard serum wisely. It must have a pleasant fragrance that you won’t mind smelling throughout the whole day. At Barba Brada we have all kinds of aromas for all moments and inspired by seasons, drinks, nature, exotic fruits and more.

Don’t forget the shape

If you like a tidy beard arranged in a specific direction then don’t forget to mold it. If you don’t use wax you can also shape the hair a little bit with the tips of your fingers to keep it tamed and controlled.

Beard serum is not just for the beard

One of the most common mistakes bearded men do is to apply the oil only at the surface of the facial hair. Beard oils exist primarily to hydrate the skin underneath the beard to avoid itchiness and dandruff, so it’s essential that you don’t forget to massage the serum to every single corner of your facial hair (and skin underneath)

Comb it all in

If the length of your beard justifies it you can also shape it with a comb to make it tidier. If you don’t have a comb you can use the tips of your fingers like we talked about before.

Beard oil is the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated, to avoid itchiness, to keep your facial hair shiny (but not too much!), to have a good smelling beard and overall to keep you beard healthy and problem-free.