How to Apply Beard Wax

Like any start-up, we started with a vision. We wanted to make beard products every Barbudo deserves: natural, straight to the point, and bullshit-free.

To get there, we had to do some research. Well, maybe not some, but a lot of it. 

So we rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. After doing our research and countless trial-and-error, we're proud to present to you THE Beard Wax meant for you.

Maybe you have a vision too. Maybe you’re trying to get the beard of your dreams, and you're just starting off your beard growth journey. You’re probably trying to gather as much resources and information as you can. You’ve come to the right place. Rest assured that we’re with you every step of the way Barbudo!

Barba Brada Beard Wax is silky, non-greasy, and has the ability to condition the beard like a balm. It’s naturally-scented  (with natural ingredients!), and can give your beard that minimal shine for a natural touch.

Because we use natural essential oils for fragrance, the scent doesn't last as long as synthetic beard products’. It’s expected that the aroma is not as strong as when you first apply it, but you can always re-apply whenever you like!

Here’s how you apply beard wax (easy as 1-2-3!):

Step 1: Dispensing Beard Wax

The best time to apply beard wax is after your beard has absorbed the beard oil. Similar to beard oil, a little goes a long way in application. You'd be surprised at how long a container with 75 grams of wax can last, even when using it on the daily!

Usually, beard wax remains solid while in the container. To get some of the product, use your nail to scrape off the desired amount from the surface. Remember to close the container properly after use, so it stays fresh and retains its properties for a longer period of time.

Step 2: Applying Beard Wax

With the wax on your finger, rub it between your fingers or palms until you feel it melting. Afterwards, apply generously throughout your beard. For longer beards, this is the ideal time to comb and tidy your beard.

As our waxes are made using beeswax (among other organic ingredients), it’s normal to get some residue on your fingers.

Step 3: How Often to Apply

The standard is everyday, but ultimately it’s up to you. Since our beard wax has a conditioning effect, it’s a good product to have as a daily beard treatment (not to mention, it makes it look good too!).


You can also watch our video on how to apply our beard wax. Simply apply a nail-sized portion to your beard right after applying the beard oil. Comb, distribute, and let the Beard be with you!

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