How to Apply Beard Wax

As a Startup we're always focused on innovation, there is nothing that makes us happier than launching new products. After trying several beard balms, we found (like other beards) that none offered ideal care. So we rolled up our sleeves and after months of research and testing, here comes our Beard Wax.

Describing this new product in words is difficult. It has the silky consistency and conditioning effect of a balm, but the fixing of a wax - and comes with the same fragrance as the oils. In one sentence, it's magic on your beard. (Actually, it's not magic - it's the blend of the best organic ingredients. The results in the ideal complement to our beard oils).

How to dispense the wax

Ideally, you should apply the beard wax before you leave home, after the beard has absorbed the oil. As with beard oil, a little wax goes a long way, so you don't need to apply much. For a beard like mine, a little bit the size of a nail will do just fine. Even with using it daily, the 75 gram wax container lasts a long time.
Since this wax is solid while it's in the container, you need to use your thumbnail to scrape off a small portion of the wax. Always remember to close the container to ensure your wax stays fresh and retains its properties for longer.

How to apply the wax

You can now feel the silky texture I told you about before. Rub the piece of wax you scraped on your fingers until it has the balm texture. If you have a considerably large beard, you can rub the wax on the palm of your hand and apply it that way.
As our waxes are made from beeswax (among other organic ingredients), it is normal that with temperature variations you get some residue on your fingers. Just rub them on the palm of your hand to melt, and you can then apply them to your beard.

This is also the ideal time, if the size justifies it, to comb and tidy your beard. The comb also helps to remove any particles that have stuck to your beard.

How often should I apply

As with the oils, it's up to you. Personally, I apply it when I want to make it look tidier. However, as our wax has a conditioning effect, I end up applying it every day to give a more complete beard treatment.
The fragrance of waxes and balms that use natural essential oils does not last as long as typical synthetic ones. The aroma is more intense when you apply, and then gradually fades. You also have to take into account that your nose adjusts to the fragrance, so that you don't notice it as much (as in perfumes). You can also check with someone else, if you feel that the arama has faded, before applying little more wax!


Watch our video on how to apply our beard wax (same as above). Apply a portion of a nail size to your beard right after applying the beard oil. Comb, and let the Beard be with you.