How to trim your beard at home step by step + accessories to use

Quarantine is here to stay for a while and it’s completely normal to feel a little sloppy about your beard and maybe you’ve noticed that there’s little hair everywhere that has grown uncontrollably into a huge mess. One of the reasons that this may be happening is because most barber shops are currently closed at the moment and you just don’t know who to trust your beard with.

Are your mother or girlfriend skills at beard trimming enough or is it wise to trust the old-fashioned taste of your dad?

Do it yourself! At Barba Brada we have created a step-by-step guide where, after reading, any bearded man will be able to cut its own facial hair without help. But how? First let’s divide this guide in three parts: tools, preparing the beard and cutting it.


The kind of accessories you use to trim your beard depends a lot on what you want it to look and feel like.


Would you like to just trim those annoying hairs that keep making your beard look wild? Choose the scissor. With the help of a mirror (or more!) you can easily mold your beard without cutting on the length or changing the style. In case you want to be more precise, you can use a ruler, a common object in every house, and measure both sizes of your beard to make sure it looks symmetric.

Electric trimming machine:

Weather you have one or not this tool is one of the most useful objects a bearded man can have. Even the most economic trimming machines nowadays have different speeds and guards that can make the trimming process effortless. However, as now you’re actually cutting some hair out, we recommend that you use this tool only when you have the time to make the result perfect.


At the end of this list of conventional beard cutting tools we have the razor. They’re perfect to give your beard the final touch. If you have sharp edges and a clean style of facial hair then this is the perfect tool.


Don’t wash your beard!

If your beard isn’t dirty then don’t wash it before trimming it. A wet beard has the tendency of looking longer than reality and if you don’t want to cut more than you should, avoid committing this mistake.

Comb it all!

Before getting into the great and scary adventure that is trimming your beard alone (especially if you have never done it) don’t forget to comb it. One of the worst things you can do is start the cutting process and realize the hairs are all in different directions and looking asymmetric.

Don’t forget the angles!

One special tip from the Barba Brada team is to use the front camera of your smartphone on video mode and film all the angles of your beard (front, left and right) in order to see how your beard looks everywhere. While filming don’t move your head and with one arm move your phone while capturing all angles of your beard.

Cutting/Trimming the beard:

Finally! Why I started reading this in the first place! However, this is also the part where you will take more risks and that’s why we took the time to talk to you about all the important tools and care you should have before picking the scissors.

Remove volume to the beard:

If you have a long or medium sized beard that is starting to cover your neck you can use an electric trimming machine and with soft down and up movements (not up and down because this way you can’t control the amount of hair that is cut), without getting the blade too close to the face, you are able to shave those annoying hairs that point in all directions and some excess hair that is making your face puffier. Depending on your experience you can either use guards or not in order to make the process more secure.

Shaving the cheek-line:

Usually, the most appealing style consists in limiting the line on your check where the hairs start to scatter. The height and style is up to you. You can either make this line straight (and sharp if you want it) with a razor blade or you can even create a curve that will go from the air that aligns with the middle of the ears to the top or under your moustache line.

Shaving the jaw/neck-line:

If you don’t know where your beard should end you can use your adam’s apple as a way to start and not let your beard past that point. In can you have a medium sized beard, one tip to understand where to end the hair is to use a mirror, look into it (don’t look up or down) and see where the hair one your neck meets the hair on your jaw. You can then shave everything that passes that line. It’s important you don’t cut the hair until you reach the jaw because that will look unnatural and make the rest of the beard look thin and weak.

Shaving the ear-line:

A place that a lot of barbudos forget is the ear-line. Just because it’s a place that you can barely see doesn’t mean that others can’t! When the hair on your beard starts to make your ear itch it means it was time to trim it a long time ago. With the help of a mirror, use your hand to hold and pull your cheek away from the ear. This way you’ll see the ear line better and where the beard ends. You can then shave it slowly to make sure it will look symmetrical.

You’re now ready to cut your own beard, especially if you’ve been waiting for the shops to open but don’t see that happening anytime soon. Nevertheless, we advise every barbudo that this guide is only for basic trims and that they should still look for the help of a professional (online if that’s the only option). Follow our tips and let us know how it worked! We’re also always ready to answer any questions you might have.