Beards and Covid-19: Can bearded men wear masks safely?

The year of 2020 has been complicated for everyone and with a new pandemic, with worldwide implications, the propagation of false information has led to a lot of bad decisions. One of these not viable information is that beards and Covid-19 are not compatible and that bearded men are more vulnerable to the new virus. But after all, is it or is it not safe to have a beard and wear a mask?

                                                                        The big lie


It all started with a photo published by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that resurfaced and has gone viral in the first few months of Covid-19. The most common information was that it was an official image about the beard styles that were allowed during the pandemic. Consequently, any beard that was long or that exceeded the limits described in the picture was seen as dangerous.


The Truth

Covid 19 mask


Just as most information shared online, the image that was being promoted had not been shared with the idea of restricting Barbudos around the world during Covid-19. It had been posted in 2017 by the CDC, for workers involved in health care jobs or in professions where they had to use a tight-fitting respirator. The name of the original article is To beard or not to beard? That’s a good question! and at the beginning of the article it’s possible to read a line that alerts us that the following text is only directed to workers that use these protections on a daily basis. 

Should you shave your beard?


There is no viable scientific research that proves that having a beard increases the probability of getting or spreading the virus. Consequently, you don’t have to shave your beard because of all the fear that has been spread on social media. If you don’t need to use a tight-fitting respirator on your daily job, you don’t need to shave and you can keep on being a proud beard owner.


The problem with false information being spread


With the online world increasingly more prevalent, it’s important to be well-informed and up to date with the new covid-19 safety precautions, and to have in mind that information can change on a daily basis. Nowadays and worldwide, fear and speculation dominate people’s lives, which makes it harder to share truthful information.


A new generation of Barbudos


Fortunately, the pandemic has also been a great way for men to grow their beards. Working from home and having a new and more relaxed dress code has led to the increase in new bearded men and in the appearance of a unique generation of facial hair lovers. #Quarantinebeard has become an ongoing challenge and it’s also something that makes us very proud.

We’re always ready to grow, demystify lies about the beard community and promote growth, not only of beards but also of ourselves and the growth of our readers. It is because of that, that we decide to talk about controversial subjects like this one and to promote the truth in the middle of so much speculation.

May the growth be with you!

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