Greasy beard? Find out how you can fix this problem in a few simple steps

Is a greasy beard something you deal with regularly? A beard with too much oil can result from various behaviors created by us or by health conditions that can be improved in some simple steps. In today’s post we will talk about some of the reasons that can lead to having a greasy beard and the solutions we recommend you to follow so you don’t have to deal with this problem anymore.

Oily skin

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We all had oily skin at some point in our lives, the problem is when our own skin transfers the oil to our beard. Besides making it less voluminous and with less definition, it also makes it look dirty and shiny. We realise it can seem complicated to treat your beard daily, excuses like “I don’t have enough time” or the lack of willpower to wake up ten minutes earlier everyday is a common behavior. We understand it and we have been guilty of it in the past! However, this process of extra time it’s essential to wash your beard and face and remove the extra oils.

Too much beard oil!

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New to the great universe of beard products? It’s normal to sometimes exaggerate in the quantity of oil product to use during the first few times. Yes, it’s extremely important to hydrate your skin and one easy way to do that is by using beard oil but it’s also essential to know the right quantity of drops to use for each beard length. For a medium sized beard you should use 3-5 drops of oil and for a longer beard 7-10 should be enough. If your beard is just a few days old you should apply 1-2 drops to avoid a greasy look. This way your beard will never be greasy again.

Skin problems and unhealthy habits

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Not everything can be solved with accessories or beard products and sometimes having a greasy beard can also be due to our natural aptitude to do so or because of our eating habits. It’s important to point out the influence that the food we eat has on the way our facial hair looks. Better eating habits will lead, consequently, to a healthier skin and the reduction in skin inflammations. We recommend that you establish a good beard routine as soon as you can in order to avoid the appearance of a greasy beard, among other more serious problems.

Additional tip

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As an extra recommendation we advise you to make homemade beard exfoliators. There are many recipes online that can take the extra grease out of your face and will also “reset” your beard, making it more clean and fresh.

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