Barba Brada x Beyond Fabric

Barba Brada - Beyond Fabric

Beyond Fabric - that's what Miguel Amaral Vieira, a Civil Engineer turned Fashion Blogger, calls his project - was one of those pleasant surprises that you wouldn't expect to be national. I say this because in fact, there aren't many Portuguese male bloggers writing about this subject with as much good taste as Miguel.

Miguel writes about menswear and personal style, and about the importance of clothes in the image that each one of us projects. Not only does he have in his blog a more editorial section (our congratulations to the photographer Filipa Alves) with fashion tips, but he also highlights the best European garments and accessories

Barba Brada - Beyond Fabric

This is how, with our two identical visions, the Beyond Fabric x Barba Brada collaboration came about.

Like Miguel, we also believe that a man has the right and should take care of himself. Deep down, that's one of Brada Beard's key values. We believe that this collaboration, as well as future collaborations, will help to change the most retrograde perspectives that a man - to have a good presentation - cannot have a beard.

Barba Brada - Beyond Fabric

Joining this collaboration: Miguel Cunha, creator of Miguel Cunha Design and Namban Oporto. Thanks for your suppport!

Check out the article and the rest of the photo session here.