Barba Brada x Beyond Fabric

Barba Brada - Beyond Fabric

The visionary Civil-Engineer-turned-Fashion-Blogger, Miguel Amaral Vieira, is the face behind Beyond Fabric. This homegrown blogger makes his mark in the world of Portuguese male bloggers-with flare and good taste-gaining national attention.

Beyond Fabric is not just about menswear and personal style, it’s beyond that. It’s about the translation of image. It’s about how we present ourselves and what that translates to other people. In Miguel’s blog, he mentions fashion tips and the best European garments and accessories.

Barba Brada - Beyond Fabric

The Beyond Fabric x Barba Brada collaboration came about because we shared a similar vision.

"One of the most positive aspects of the menswear movement we have seen in recent years - apart from the globalised concept that men are entitled to and should invest in quality clothing - is the way it has transcended for all other aspects covering our image, namely grooming [keeping a tidier image by caring for beard, hair, etc."

Like Miguel, we believe that any man should take care of himself without the double standard. This is one of Barba Brada’s key values. Through this collaboration, as well as future collaborations, we will be able to help change backward perspectives associated with having a beard -that for a man to be presentable, he must NOT have a beard.

Barba Brada - Beyond Fabric

Joining this collaboration: Miguel Cunha, creator of Miguel Cunha Design, and Namban Oporto. Thanks for your support!

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