Top 10 reasons to grow your beard

At some point in your life you probably thought about growing a beard but you gave up on the idea because you think it’s too much work, or it doesn’t suit you or maybe you think people will judge you. Today we bring you ten reasons that might convince you to let your beard grow and to start a life as a Barbudo!

Reason number one: You don’t need to shave anymore

One of the most boring things about being a man is waking up everyday and having to shave. Besides being a skin-aggressive act that can cause pimples or other inflammations it can also be synonymous of pain and discomfort for the following days. When you skip this step you won’t only have more time to prepare calmly every morning but your days will also be less monotonous and repetitive.

Reason number two: Beards can make you look more mature

For younger men letting your beard grow can drastically change your appearance and make you look older and more mature. If this is your goal, then growing your beard can be the change that your face needs.

Reason number three: It’s a new experience!

Sometimes we stick to the same haircut or style for so long that we start to get sick of our own appearance. Growing a beard is a completely new experience and something where you can experiment with sizes and styles according to what’s most suitable to you. One of the best things about beards is that they never stop growing and you have all the time in the world to change them.

Reason number four: Goodbye acne!

Various studies show that the act of shaving can cause bacteria to spread and skin inflammation to appear. If this is an everyday problem for you, letting your beard grow can be a wise solution. To leave your facial hair even more healthy and looking good you can also add beard shampoos, serums and wax to your beard routine.

Reason number five: No Summer burns

Beards are natural shields against the UV rays. According to a study conducted by australian researchers and depending on the thickness of your beard, your facial hair can protect your skin from 50-95% of UV rays. In some cases, you may not even need sunscreen but don’t forget the rest of your hair-free face definitely needs it!

Reason number six: Patience

The longer you have your beard the better she will look. Some men give up on having a beard because they don’t like how it looks in the first few weeks. That’s normal, beard growth depends a great deal on your habits and your age. Because of that, one of the most important characteristics a Barbudo will have is patience.

Reason number seven: Release your natural self

Growing a beard is a great way to see how you would look naturally. Think about it, the act of shaving was determined by society and what society demands of men to look like. In some jobs you can’t even have beards and you are expected to shave everyday. Consequently, many men have never lived the Barbudo experience in their ENTIRE lives. At Barba Brada we recommend that all men should go through that reality at least once in their lives. Besides being a journey of physical knowledge it will also make you grow mentally.

Reason number eight: It keeps you warm on Winter

This is probably one of our favorite reasons because the longer you grown your beard the more she will act as a natural scarf that will keep you warm during the cold seasons. Besides, Fall and Winter are the perfect time to start growing your beard and also present the perfect aesthetic for Barbudos.

Reason number nine: Don’t follow the crowds

Why follow what most men have done for ages? If growing a beard is something natural then you don’t need to cut it just because others do it. Let it grow and break those patterns of toxic masculinity that have existed for generations.

Reason number ten: You decide!

It’s your beard, you decide! If you want to shave it, let it grow or keep it short are all aspects that you choose for YOUR appearance. The decision of how your want to present yourself to the world is totally up to you and you can follow the reasons on this list or not. You decide what’s best for you and your face!