Top 10 Reasons to Grow Your Beard

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to grow your beard, this is it.

At least once in your life, you’ve entertained the idea of growing your beard. But something stops you from making it happen. Maybe it’s too much work for you. Maybe you’re scared to be judged by people.

We’re here to tell you the top ten reasons why you should grow your beard. These will convince you to start your life as a Barbudo for sure!

Reason # 1: You wouldn’t need to shave anymore.

Any man would agree that shaving in the morning is not their favorite part about waking up. This seemingly normal, mundane act is really skin-aggressive in truth. It can cause some inflammation and even pimples. It’s just an overall uncomfortable feeling. But what if you just skip shaving tomorrow? I mean, why not? It’ll give you more time to prepare in the mornings (even give you more time to make your coffee).

Reason # 2: Beards can make you look more mature.

Beards can make anyone look like fine wine. Some men are into the older, mature look. If that’s what you’re after, growing your beard will help you tons to achieve that.

Reason # 3: It’s a whole new experience!

We usually play it safe and go for what we’re already familiar with, what we know works. Though playing safe is comfortable, it can also get boring. It doesn’t hurt to take risks once in a while to spice things up. Experiment on your looks, grow a beard! The best part is that beards just keep growing. You have all the time in the world to change up your look to see what you like.

Reason # 4: Say goodbye to acne!

Studies show that shaving contributes to the spreading of bacteria and skin inflammation. This is a common problem that even you are experiencing. If you were already convinced from reason # 1, good for you. Leave your skin from irritation and let your beard grow! Of course, to grow a healthy beard, be sure to include beard shampoos, serums and wax to your beard routine.

Reason # 5: No more sunburns.

If you’re the type whose mostly outdoors, beards can be to your advantage. A beard can act as a shield from the UV rays. In a study, it was shown that that facial hair can protect your skin from 50-95% of UV rays depending on the thickness of your beard. Safe to say, you can save up on sunscreen because of it!

Reason # 6: Test your patience.

The longer you let your beard grow, the better it’ll look. Some men give up growing theirs after the first few weeks. It’s important to remember that your beard growth heavily depends on your habits and your age. A true Barbudo can withstand this test of patience. You can do it!

Reason # 7: Unleash your natural self.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what you would look like naturally? I mean, think about it. This whole “shaving” practice was first dictated by society and society dictates that men must look a “certain way”. You’re no stranger to this. For sure, you’ve noticed that some jobs expect men to wear that clean-shaven look to work. With that said, a lot of men have NEVER even tried the Barbudo experience in their ENTIRE lives. At Barba Brada, we recommend that all men should go through that reality at least once in their lives. Besides the physical journey this entails, it helps a Barbudo open up mentally.

Reason # 8: It keeps you warm during winter.

If a beard can keep your face cool under summer heat, it helps you warm up during winter as well. In this case your beard can serve as both a natural shade under heat AND scarf in cold times. Besides, fall and winter are the perfect  seasons to start growing your beard.

Reason # 9: Don’t follow the crowd.

Why follow the status quo and be boring? If having a beard is a natural thing, then why shave it off just because others do? Don’t be afraid to go against the grain! Let it grow and break expectations of toxic masculinity. 

Reason # 10: You decide!

At the end of the day, it’s your beard and your choice. You can let it grow or keep it short. How you would like to present yourself is your power. Heck, you don’t have to even have to listen to the reasons on this list. You have the final say. You decide what’s best for you and your face!

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