The Beards are dead

Or at least, that's what Mashable reports in this article. After we read it, and even some people shared it with us, we thought it would be right to make a statement.

I don't want to take the fact that Mashable is not necessarily an authority in the fashion world, but the truth is that many refer to beards as a fashion. Even on Queridas Manhãs on SIC, where Barba Brada was recently seen, associated us with "Beard Fashion".
"With the coming of the yuccie - which is, the Young Urban Creative - there has been a slow death of the hispters tribe, with the millenials now flowing into more sophisticated waters."

- in Mashable

In our opinion, there are two types of people: Those who adopt fashion, and those who define them. But is shaving a fashion? I've been wearing a beard since I was 18, and many of the Barbudos we've had contact with also started wearing it long before it was something the hipsters adopted. For us, beards are much more than just fashion, they're a matter of style and personal expression. As Eduardo Pinto, from "Correr na Cidade", says:

"I started wearing a beard like this even before it was fashion (...) I wear the beard, not as fashion, but as lifestyle. This is the difference between the real 'barbudos' and those who follow the trends".

Deep down, this is it. The real Barbudos will continue to wear a beard, and wear what enhances their individuality, regardless of what society dictates as standard. Unlike what Joel Alexander says on Mashable, a Barbudo is not a "homeless hipster" (for lack of a better translation), but a man who seeks to take care of himself. And when it comes to male care, Jeff Laub (who also spoke to Mashable), was right:

"The only way to be successful is to feel confident. There's a big move to become better. This generation is excited to take care of itself and perform at the highest level."

This is precisely one of the core values of Barba Brada and it is this sense that we have been evolving: As a brand that gives the tools to the bearded men so that they can take care of their image and feel confident. Of course, we don't believe that beards are dead or will ever die - and if yours is on the way of extinction, we're here to revitalise it.

The beards are dead. Long live the Beards!