The importance of moisturizing your beard

Just like our hair needs special care to keep looking healthy, beards also need to be taken care of and moisturized. Your hydration process can be different depending on the texture and thickness of your facial hair but the solutions and options for all kinds of beards are plenty.

Problems of a dehydrated beard

Some of the problems you can find on a dehydrated beard may include dandruff and irritation of the skin below the hair.

Dandruff is caused by microbes that everyone has. These microbes feed on natural oils produced by your body and create the oleic acid. If you have a sensitivity to this acid (and 50% of the population has), the skin under your beard may become irritated. This irritation will lead you to scratch your beard and this process will become more and more frequent originating dry and inflamed skin. The cells under your skin will, consequently renovate faster than before and accumulate at the surface of your beard. That will look like snowflakes, which is what we call dandruff. This process can become a vicious cycle that will make your beard life painful and frustrating.

Itchiness can be caused by dandruffas we discussed before, but also by cutting your beard. Usually from the second to the seventh day after shaving you’ll feel more itchiness. When you cut your beard the tips of your hair will stay at a slightly different angle depending on the direction that you shaved. These tips will, therefore, grow at an unnatural angle that will cause an impact between beard and skin and cause inflammation. This problem can easily be solved if you let your beard grow. Free the Barbudo inside of you! If this is not an option you can also exfoliate your beard with a specific beard exfoliator or brush.

How to stop itchiness and dandruff

Now that we’ve talked about some of the problems that a dehydrated beard faces we will also talk about certain ways and products that you can implement in your daily routine in order to avoid them.

One of the most important habits you can establish in order to have a pleasant beard experience is to stop touching your beard excessively. Besides being the perfect way to aggravate the propagation of bacteria, it also makes your beard look greasy and dirty.

Just like putting cream on your face keeps it soft and hydrated, putting a specific product on your beard will also have the same effect.

Beard shampoos are also necessary for a healthy growth and appearance of your facial hair. Why is a beard shampoo different from a regular hair shampoo? Beard shampoos are different because they are made specifically for your beard and the skin underneath. Our hair produces a higher amount of oils than our facial hair, therefore normal shampoos are created having that in mind. Another important aspect is that the skin in our face is much more thin and frail than the skin in our scalp.

Before putting any product on your beard it’s important to wash it carefully with a specific shampoo that will take out all of the dirt that we accumulate throughout the day. You can start by wetting your beard with water and put a coin sized drop of shampoo in your hand. Then, you’ll start scrubbing while also paying attention to all the hidden corners of your beard, especially the roots. Additionally, you can exfoliate your facial hair with soft movements of your fingers that will take out all the dead skin. Don’t forget to also wash the rest of your face to have a better result. You’ll see that the final result will be more pleasant that way. Your face will stay fresher, less oily and have an enjoyable aroma.

After washing your beard you should add some drops of our beard serum. You can consider this step a pillar of your beard routine. You should also pay attention to what product you use. If it’s high quality it shouldn’t leave your beard oily but just give it a natural and soft shine. The fragrance you choose is also an important detail but it depends on your preference, the occasion or even the season. One of our favorite recommendations for Spring and Summer is our Offshore beard serum. Its fresh and pleasant scent will take you directly to a nice beach day. To summarize, it’s up to you to understand what process of beard care best suits your facial hair. 

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