6 Steps to an Epic Beard

So you decided to let your beard grow beyond the point of "I'll just see what this gets to". First of all, congratulations on considering this great achievement. Secondly, for this journey to be easier, there are a few things you need to know and expect.

#1: Let it grow! Not only does this mean there's no point in giving up and throwing a blade over your beard, but you shouldn't trim it. At least for a month or so. By tolerating a few weeks of rebellious hair (the weird phase), you can understand how your beard grows. This is essential to understand what your beard needs in the long run. .

#2: Hydrate! The skin underneath is as important as the hair. It's crucial that your skin stays healthy so that your beard becomes the divine thing it's supposed to be. Consider using a soap (I definitely recommend a Brada Beard shampoo) 1 or 2 times a week to rid your beard of the impurities it builds up, and always moisturise after showering (Brada Beard oils are great for that!).

#3: Your beard will itch eventually. If you're growing that epic beard for the first time, the skin on your neck isn't used to the new facial hair yet, so it's gonna be itchy. Hydration helps a lot in this, but in fact, there's only one right solution: fight the itching! Tolerate it. You're entering the sacred realm of men, and it's gonna take some sacrifice.

#4:Find the right barber. We can thank the hipsters for the recent wave of beards, and old school barbers in return. These days it's not as hard to find a barber who knows what he's doing as it was a couple of years ago. However, as a genuine barbudo who is in this for the long term, you should choose a barber who is also with you! Do your research, become friends with your barber, and then give him a test of confidence. (Personal note: in Lisbon, I highly recommend Barberhood) 

#5: Give your beard a shape. Or not. If you've come this far, it's up to you now to choose whether you want to be the "straight bearded one" (for you, sir: Brada Beard WaxKent Pocket Comb), or the "wild-modern bearded type" (a bit of oil is always essential!).

#6 Finally, ENJOY! You left behind the land of the nonbearded and entered a new era of your life. You're a different man. I hope you enjoy this new phase and live the bearded lifestyle to the fullest.

Once again, congratulations! I hope my point of view has given you some good encouragement, and after you read this, throw away your razor! (Seriously, don't throw it away; you always have to fix the outlines).

May the Beard be with you!