5 Essential tips for moustache owners: Fantastic results

The theme of moustaches is many times overshadowed by all the content about beards but the truth is that moustaches play an important role in balancing our face. Today’s post is about sharing our five essential tips for all moustache owners to follow in order to have a positive experience with their Barbudo lives.

1- Don’t have high expectations

Bearded Guy looking into space

We can’t even tell you how many “bearded men to be” we met throughout the years that gave up on this lifestyle just because they thought it was too slow and difficult. It’s important to note that growing a moustache is a different process for everyone and it depends on the characteristics of each individual man. However and in general, hair grows not much more than one centimeter per month. Remember, patience is the greatest virtue.

2 - Scrub, scrub, scrub

Beard Brush

Using a beard shampoo brush or just the tip of your fingers and scrub above the lip can help remove dirt and dead skin that are stuck to the moustache. It’s very common to accumulate grease, sweat and even little pieces of food around this area because it’s right above the mouth. Consequently, it’s important to wash it regularly and carefully with a specific beard shampoo in order to always keep your moustache clean.

3 - Hydrating

Barba Brada True North Beard Oil

The skin under the moustache can become very dry either because of the air that makes all the humidity evaporate, because of a bad quality diet or even because you’re washing it too much. In order to fix this problem and avoid the appearance of others, we recommend using beard oil. Since the moustache is usually smaller than a regular beard, 1-3 drops of oil are enough to hydrate it without leaving it greasy.

4- Wax and a comb

Kent Beard Brush

What style would you like to give your moustache? Chevron like Freddie Mercury or something more Handlebar, with its long, curvy tips? The choices are endless but if you want to keep your stache looking good and stable all day without having to worry, we recommend using a moustache wax. Besides giving you an extra fixation, you can also combine this process with a comb in order to take out all the hair knots.

5- Trimming process

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Given its location, you’ll probably have to trim the moustache more regularly than a beard because all the hairs right above the upper lip would quickly hide your mouth and become annoying and uncomfortable. Eating and talking would be a complicated task. In order to trim the stache you need scissors and preferably a mirror (unless you don’t mind cutting too much! Just kidding.). Note: never trim your facial hair while it’s wet because once it dries it will look much shorter.

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