16 Myths About Beards

Growing a beard is not a complicated process, as we have shown you in this guide. However, during the process some doubts always arise that should be addressed as soon as possible. That is what we are here for.

1. Myth: The beard takes 2 to 3 weeks to grow. Reality: For most men, a beard takes 2 to 3 months to grow complete.

2. Myth: If my beard doesn't fill up by 20, it never will. Reality: Beards get better in 20s and 30s, and sometimes in 40s and 50s. A lot of men only grow a fuller beard when they get to their 30s.

3. Myth: A beard is hot in summer. Reality: Actually, a beard can make you feel cooler in summer because it shades your face while acting as a heat evaporation system and passes a light breeze. In particularly humid climates, some men report that a beard causes them discomfort, but it is unclear whether it helps.

4. Myth: You should shave for an interview. Reality: Most employers who are not anti-beard do not discriminate against bearded men (However your beard should look tidy). In fact, your beard could help the employer to remember you as a candidate, and may also help to convey the impression of additional experience and confidence. In cases where the company has an anti beard policy, you will probably know that upfront.

Myth 5: My partner thinks my beard makes me look like a terrorist. Reality: Many terrorists don't wear beards! And besides, it's often the change that's strange-and that magnification is used to force you to shave. Adjustments always takes some time, but in most cases people get used to it pretty fast. A good strategy is also to talk about why you want to grow a beard and how it makes you feel. Ask for patience, understanding, and tolerance as you travel the "bearded journey".

6. Myth:
A beard requires the connection between the mustache and the rest to look good/complete. Reality: If you look around, you see a lot of men without the connectors, but most likely you never thought to yourself "good beard, only the connectors are missing". The truth is that when you look at others, you tend to see the beard as a whole and how it fits the style of the individual wearing it, not the parts that are missing. But when we look at ourselves, we focus on the imperfections. However, it's a good idea to make it uniform. If one of the connectors is missing or is weaker, it trims the other to look similar. Symmetry is more important than a complete filling

7. Myth:
Shaving makes it come back faster/darker/stronger. Reality: There is no evidence whatsoever that this is the case. What happens is that when it comes back, the beard looks thicker because when the tips are cut off they reflect the light differently.

8. Myth: Only dark beards look good. Reality: Men with lighter beards (blondes, redheads, whites, light chestnuts, etc...) have the potential to grow epic beards, but this can only become apparent until the beard has a certain size. This is the result of the way colours reflects light.

9. Myth: People won't accept me with a beard because most men don't have beards. Reality: You are you, and as long as you respect others, they will respect you. Remeber: What you do is your own business. Focus on yourself and your life will move accordingly. Besides, look at myth #5.

10. Myth: Having several tones in your beard makes you look strange and ugly. Reality: Multiple shades on your beard give it an unique look in the eyes of those who appreciate beards.
We are usually the only ones who see this as a defect on ourselfs.

11. Myth: There are products out there such as Minoxidil, to help grow a fuller beard or initiate beard growth on teenagers. Reality: Indeed, Minoxidil has shown some success, however it comes with side effects. Some consumers also report that, a lot of the results they achieve with Minoxidil are lost when they stop using it.

12. Myth: If I grow a beard I'll have trouble when I travel because of my passport or ID card. Reality: Authorities see thousands of photos every day and are trained to recognize "simple" changes as a beard or a different haircut.

13. Myth: I can't grow a full beard because I have areas without hair on my cheeks. Reality: In most cases, after 2 - 4 months of growth, the gaps are filled or more covered. By then the upper beard is long enough to cover those gaps.

14. Myth: I don't grow a beard because mine grows like "steel wool" and beards like that are unattractive. Reality: These beards, when they grow fully, take a very distinct shape that can be quite attractive. For the more challenging beards, there are products such as our Beard Waxes that can help a tame your beard.

15. Myth: All parts of the beard grow at the same speed. Reality: Hair on the cheeks usually grow slower than those on the chin and there's nothing wrong with that. Ultimately after 2-3 months of growth the cheek hair will reach the same point as the chin hair.

16. Myth: Beards itch and scratch. Reality: Itching is often the result of a dry beard and the skin underneath. Most men do not itch when they apply a quality beard oil. Furthermore the itching will pass after the beard reaches a certain size. After a few weeks of growth and a daily beard care it becomes smoother.