16 Myths About Beards

Some people have funny ideas about beards. And they act on these ideas, which eventually makes other people think the same about beards (it’s a vicious cycle!). On the other hand, because of the lack of resources on beard care, a lot of men are misinformed. We’re here to clear up some of that stuff.

We can’t help but point out that these are myths and don’t hold truth behind them. When growing your beard, you can’t deny that some opinions or even misinformation can cause doubts. “Am I doing this right? Why isn’t my beard growing the way I want it to?” or “Should I keep my beard or just shave it off already?”.

Your doubts are valid. But we’re here to debunk 16 myths for you today!

Myth # 1: In general, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to grow a full beard.

Fact: Growing a beard doesn’t happen overnight (or for a couple of weeks on that matter). For most men, it actually takes 2 to 3 months to grow completely.

Myth # 2: If my beard doesn’t fill up by the age of 20, then it never will.

Fact: Be patient, little grasshopper. It’s different for everybody, and eventually you’ll get there! Some beards get better when men reach their 20s or 30s, sometimes even in their 40s or 50s. But most men are able to grow a full beard by their 30s. No need to pressure yourself, you still got time!

Myth # 3: Wearing a full beard during the summer is a bad idea.

Fact: Actually, it is the best idea! A full beard actually helps shield a part of your face from the heat that makes a light breeze feel even cooler. However, it could be a different story for men living in humid climates.

Myth # 4: Always shave before going into an interview. No exceptions.

Fact: Most employers these days are big on diversity. They wouldn’t be if they were to discriminate against someone just because they have a full beard. If you really think about it, your beard would make you stand out from all the other candidates, making you hard to forget!

Myth # 5: Beard = Terrorist.

Fact: It’s 2020. Let’s get rid of this ridiculous notion that beards make a man look like a terrorist, because it is simply not true. To add to that, not all terrorists even have beards! This backwards thinking may not be easily remedied on a societal scale, but making YOUR beard YOUR own is the best way to combat that. Though it’s gonna take some patience, just flaunt your beard to the world. Own it!

Myth # 6: The bearded look is not complete if it's not connected to the moustache.

Fact: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your preference bears more weight than people's common expectations of how a beard should look like. In case you do want your mustache and beard connected but you're unable to fully 'fill that gap', remember that symmetry is more important than fullness.

Myth # 7: Shaving helps the beard grow back faster, darker, and stronger.

Fact: I hate to break it to you, but there is no clear evidence of this. It’s all an illusion! When the hair grows back after being shaved, it appears thick due to hair strands not being uprooted in the first place. By shaving, the hair was most likely “cut shorter”. By growing them out, they’re growing where they left off.

Myth # 8: Only dark beards look good.

Fact: Beards of all shapes, sizes, and colors are awesome. Period

Myth # 9: People don’t like bearded men as much as clean shaven men.

Fact: As the cliché goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. As long as you’re being a decent human being, people shouldn’t have a problem with you. But if they still do, then that’s their problem,

Myth # 10: Streaky beards look ugly.

Fact: Err, have you seen the salt and pepper look on beards? It’s far from ugly, I can tell you that. If you really think about it, a streaky beard would make anyone look unique and, dare I say, cool in their own right.

Myth # 11: Supplements are useful in growing a full beard.

Fact: Though Minoxidil has proven to help beard growth especially in teenagers, it comes with side effects. Some consumers also reported that the results they achieved with the Minoxidil were lost after they stopped its intake. Safe to say, it’s not a lasting solution.

Myth # 12: Having a full beard while travelling can cause me problems since I look “different” on my passport or ID card.

Fact: Authorities have trained eyes. They see thousands of pictures everyday, yet they are able to recognize each one with its owner.

Myth # 13: I am unable to grow a full beard because the growth is patchy.

Fact: In most cases, after 2 to 4 months of growth, those gaps will be filled with growth. Anyway, the upper parts of your beard will be long enough by then to cover those patches.

Myth # 14: I don’t grow my beard because it has a “steel wool” look to it and it’s unattractive.

Fact: When beards are fully grown, they can be really attractive especially when properly cared for and shaped well. However, some beards can be rebellious but that's nothing a little bit of our Beard Wax can fix.

Myth # 15: All parts of the beard grow at equal speeds.

Fact: As annoying as it might be, not all areas of your beard grow at equal speed. The hair on the cheeks usually grows slower than those on the skin. This is completely normal. Usually, about 2 to 3 months of growth, the hair growing on your cheek will reach your chin.

Myth # 16: Beards are generally itchy and uncomfortable.

Fact: It doesn’t have to be. When the skin under your beard is dry, it causes itchiness. This can be avoided by applying quality beard oil on a daily basis as part of your beard care routine. The itching is usually just a phase and stops when your beard reaches a certain growth. But with proper daily beard care, your beard will become more smooth.